Charter: Monumenta Boica V, ed. Academia scientiarum boica, 1765 (Google data) 55
Signature: 55

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Source Regest: Monumentorum Boica, Nr. 55, S. 68


Nouerint cuncti famuli, qualiter quidam homo Hermannus nomine redemit filiam luam Mathildam & Meinhardam a domino suo Berngero de Silichigin & a tiliis, uidelicet Oudal- ricO) Brunone, Dietmaro Diemoude, & delegavit earn in ma- nus Ragewinide Silicdigin fratris eius earacione, ut delegaret earn ad altare S. Petri Altahe V. denarios annuatim persolven- dos. H. r. t. s. FVok&mar & Ragewin de MenRac, Babo de Gesvcent, Adalpreht. Rudiger de Burrigin, Sifrid de eadem villa. Bertdoldus. Longus, Otto, Heinricus eius films Hemricus, & ilii quamplures.

Codex Traditionum 5Ti

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