Charter: Monumenta Boica V, ed. Academia scientiarum boica, 1765 (Google data) 481
Signature: 481

The transcription and metadata of this charter are scanned by a OCR tool and thus may have low quality.

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Source Regest: Monumentorum Boica, Nr. 481, S. 438

Jacobi in Babenberg, Wernhardus noftre curie câpeUani It jttobilii Rupertus de Hertenfiein, Vollandns de Wiffentoite, Berchtoldus de Wkenperge, Chunr. Chrumlimus Ulricas dapi- fer nofler de IVeiuenfiorf, Brumuardus de Babenberg, & alii quam plures. Datura apud Niderattach, Anno Domini M, CC LXXVI. in die beati Remigii.

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