Charter: Serbian Royal Documents at the State Archives in Dubrovnik (1186-1479) 13680627 taq – Balšići
Signature: 13680627 taq – Balšići
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before 27 June 1368
Stracimir and Đurađ Balšić write to the Dubrovnik authorities asking them to turn over Stracimir’s golden belt held by Renald to Dmitar Dabetić of Ulcinj.  

Authentic copy in Dubrovnik chancery register (1368-06-27).
Current repository
Državni arhiv u Dubrovniku, Diversa Cancellariae 21, 57.

  • SigillantBalšić family
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      • K. Jireček, Spomenici srpski, 36, no. 20; Diplomatički zbornik XIV, 146, no. 95; LJ. Stojanović, Povelje i pisma I–1, 105, no. 105.
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