Charter: Serbian Royal Documents at the State Archives in Dubrovnik (1186-1479) 13600929 – car Uroš
Signature: 13600929 – car Uroš
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29 September 1360, Sjenica
Emperor Stefan Uroš promises to Dubrovnik merchants freedom of movement and trade, both in his own lands and in the lands of the Balšić family and count Vojislav, as well as removal of newly established customs posts.  

Current repository
Državni arhiv u Dubrovniku, Beč 1015.

  • SigillantEmperor Stefan Dušan?
  • SealGolden (gilded) seal on a red chord running through four holes.Emperor Stefan Dušan?
  • Material: Paper
  • Dimensions: 395 x 300 mm, folded plica
    • Graphics: 

      Original dating clauseIn the year 6869, indiction 14, in the month of September 29th day.

      • P. Karano-Tvrtković, Srpski spomenici, 67–68, no. 54 (dated: 29 September 1361); F. Miklosich, Monumenta Serbica, 168–169, no. 149; LJ. Stojanović, Povelje i pisma I–1, 98–99, no. 98.
      • Sjenica
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