Charter: Serbian Royal Documents at the State Archives in Dubrovnik (1186-1479) 13260325 – Stefan Dečanski
Signature: 13260325 – Stefan Dečanski
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25 March 1326, Dagno/Danjë/Danj
King Stefan Dečanski confirms freedom of movement and trade to Dubrovnik merchants and renounces his right to property washed ashore from shipwrecks of Dubrovnik vessels.  

Current repository
Državni arhiv u Dubrovniku, Beč 996.

  • SealTraces in the form of a hole in the lower section resulting from removal of impressed seal.
  • Material: Parchment
  • Dimensions: 266–270 x 280–295 mm
  • Condition: Large hole in lower section, outside text.
    • Graphics: 

      Original dating clauseIn the month of March, 25th day, on Annunciation Day, from the incarnation of Christ one thousand and 326th year.

      • P. Karano-Tvrtković, Srpski spomenici, 44–45, no. 36; F. Miklosich, Monumenta Serbica, 85, no. 81; Diplomatički zbornik IX, 284–285, no. 231; LJ. Stojanović, Povelje i pisma I–1, 41–42, no. 48; P. Đorđić, Istorija srpske ćirilice, 338, ph. 136 (only photo); N. Porčić, SSA 6, 20–21 (translation into modern Serbian, 21–22; photo).
      • Dagno/Danjë/Danj
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