Charter: Serbian Royal Documents at the State Archives in Dubrovnik (1186-1479) 13231025 – Vladislav (II)
Signature: 13231025 – Vladislav (II)
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25 October 1323
Lord Stefan Vladislav (anti-king Stefan Vladislav II) writes to the Dubrovnik authorities that their citizen Kliment Držić has fully paid the lease for the right to collect royal customs revenues at some unnamed markets.  

Authentic copy-translation in Dubrovnik chancery register (1323-11-23).
Current repository
Državni arhiv u Dubrovniku, Diversa Cancellariae 7, 46.

Condition: Lower right corner with parts of text torn off.

    Original dating clauseFrom the incarnation of Jesus Christ, our Lord, one thousand three hundred twenty three, in the month of October, the 25th day, sixth indiction.

    • M. Pucić, Spomenici srpski II, 3–4, no. 5 (corrections and additions: K. Jireček, Spomenici srpski, 99); Diplomatički zbornik IX, 146–147, no. 125; N. Porčić, SSA 1, 33–35 (translation into modern Serbian, 35–36; photo).
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