Charter: Serbian Royal Documents at the State Archives in Dubrovnik (1186-1479) 12430814 – kralj Uroš B
Signature: 12430814 – kralj Uroš B
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14 August 1243
King Stefan Uroš promises to the citizens of Dubrovnik peace, friendship, freedom of trade and legal protection, and settles mutual disputes (early copy B).  

Draft or copy-translation (mid 13th century).
Current repository
Državni arhiv u Dubrovniku, Beč 962b.

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  • Material: Parchment
  • Dimensions: 246 x 220 mm
  • Condition: Severely wrinkled, Two small holes.
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      A) and C) in this collection.


        Original dating clauseIn the year from the incarnation our Lord Jesus Christ one thousand 243, in the month of August, the fourteenth day, indiction first.

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